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Autumn-Winter Programme 2017

Information to be advised when available

Autumn-Winter Programme 2016

Venue: Great Southern Hotel
Date/Time: Group meets on Thursday mornings at 11.30am

Discussion over tea/coffee on following topics:
A presentation on Palmyra then and now
The death of Socrates
Ruins of Leptis Magna
CAI tour of Bulgaria

Ancient Latin and Greek classes also take place on Thursday mornings at this venue

Spring-Summer Programme 2015

Date: Thursday, 26th
Speaker: Dr John Curran (Queen's University Belfast)
Title: “Antisemitism in the late Roman Empire”

Date: Thursday, 26th
Symposium on  Poets in a Landscape by Gilbert Highet

Date: Thursday, 23rd (change of day!)
Speaker: Professor Andrew Smith and Joan Wirght
Title: TBD...information available shortly

Date: Monday, 25th
Branch trip to Venice and Padua for four nights

Date: Following the Leaving Certificate!
Trip to Roman Britain, Verulam to the Wall (Dr William Barry Sheehan, Open University)

February to June
Dates: All Mondays (at 18.30)
Course: in Latin/Greek Roots in English for EFL Students

Autumn-Winter Programme 2014

Date: Thursday, 16th
Speaker: Branch Members
Title: 'Any God/poet/verse/hero/find of the Classical World which enthuses one'.

Date: Thursday, 13th
Speaker: Isabella Bolger
Title: "Golden Fleeces" researching an aspect of the development of an economic empire.

Date: Thursday, 11th
Speaker: Dr. Aideen Carthy
Title: "Arbitration in Archaic Greece"

Spring-Summer Programme 2014

Date: Thursday, 6th
Speaker: Prof. Andrew Smith (UCD)
Title: “Cyrene”, a Greek city in Africa”

Date: Thursday, 20th
Speaker: Brian O'Connell
Title: "Philatelic Representations in Antiquity" this illustrated lecture will be followed by
Planning Meeting and proposals for further events


Date: MONDAY, 28th (change of day!)
Speaker: Dr. Jason Shannon (Sligo Branch member)
Theme: The Derveni finds and inscriptions (Parchment and Krater)
Title: "The mysteries of Derveni"

Branch Programme 2013-2014
Theme: Alexander’s World - a Series of presentations/discussions

Date: Thursday, 12th September
Time: 8pm
Introduction Lecture: Background, Athens/Sparta and the Peloponnesian War.

Lecture: Macedonia and Greece, Vergina Tombs.

Lecture: Life of Alexander, Campaigns etc.

Lecture: Achievements; all the Alexandrias.

Lecture: Aftermath, the legacy and the Successor Dynasties.

ádh mór ar do shaothar

Damhlaic magShamhr
Chairman Sligo Branch

General Information on Events

All events take place in Room B2002, IT Sligo

Most events will be scheduled for the third Thursday of the month

Lecture duration is approximately 45 minutes, followed by discussion and reading-suggestion for the next event

All visitors and New Members welcome!

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